I enjoy the part that these aren’t so obvious. People aren’t aware of the fact that I have hearing aids (my hair helps).
—Marilyn Vits-Bella Vista

Dr. Gretchen and her assistant Jill were tremendously helpful in upgrading and picking out my new hearing aids. Through several settings they were always helpful, patient, and courteous. Altogether a very pleasant experience.
—William Webb-Bentonville

I am extremely pleased with the care and service I have received at Dr. Magee’s office. The timeliness of office visits and low waiting times in the waiting area and exam rooms are certainly appreciated, but the excellent and compassionate care I received are very much appreciated. I felt all my questions were answered and I was treated with compassion and dignity. I have appreciated the service so much that I have referred a relative and friends to Dr. Magee as well. I am also very pleased with my new hearing aid and very glad that I chose Better Hearing and Balance Connection with Dr. Magee’s service.
Thank you so much for the excellent care and attention that you provide!
—Bill Puryear-Hiwasse

I am blessed for purchasing from Better Hearing (and Balance Connection). I didn’t think I needed one, but since I have one I see I really need(ed) one. I can hear better and TV better. I had loss (a) part to my hearing aid, I called and asked would they mail them out and (in) two day(s) I had them. When you have an appointment you don’t have to wait and they always greet you at the door with a smile and chocolate for you!
—Fern Roberts-Bentonville

I have worn hearing aids for over 25 years and this is the first time I am completely satisfied. Dr. Magee and staff have shown great knowledge and understanding of hearing loss. I will not hesitate to recommend them to my friends.
—Thomas Page-Bella Vista

You provide great service. I appreciate your interest and concern in my hearing problems.
—Shirley Hofmann-Bella Vista

I am so please with my hearing aids. Dr. Gretchen (Magee) was so helpful and easy to talk with. She is well informed and shares what we can expect. I felt she was my friend when I left. The free batteries are an added plus. The aids are so easy to use. Thank you for your help.
—Ardis Huke-Bella Vista

Dr. Gretchen Magee has been very helpful in making needed adjustments. I trust her professional know how.
—Carol Stanley-Bella Vista

Dr. Magee did a great job of explaining about the hearing aids to me. It’s like a whole new world, did not realize my hearing was so bad. The follow ups have been excellent. (I) would recommend them highly.
—Donald Holliday-Bentonville

Jill’s friendly welcome made me feel at ease. Her telephone manners are a definite plus. Dr. Magee’s professional, but caring demeanor coupled with evident knowledge in her field are reasons to continue receiving care at Better Hearing and Balance.
—Dale Hayford-Bentonville

As a Patient, I felt that Dr. Magee’s bedside manner was warm and genuine; unlike some medical types who make you feel that you are taking up a lot of their time with frivolous nonsense.
—Joe Howard Luznicky-Bella Vista

From the first appointment to the final adjustment everything was done very professionally and explained in layman’s terms. Now I can hear things that I haven’t heard in years, even my wife.
—Joseph Wisocki III-Bella Vista

I had been fitted with two different hearing devices before coming to Better Hearing (and Balance Connection). Neither one met my full satisfaction. I am well satisfied with both the hearing aid and the service I’ve received from Dr. Magee at Better Hearing.
—Will Keller-Bella Vista

My introduction to Dr. Magee was when another provider had let me down. I was under a time frame restriction, leaving town in a few days, and needed repairs. She provided the necessary repairs, has since provided me with new hearing aids, which give me the best quality hearing I have had in years, and continues to provide maintenance and service as needed. I recommend her to anyone in need of hearing service.
— Jerry Lundwall

I have been a patient of Dr. Magee since Oct 2010. It has been a pleasure from testing to fitting and servicing my BTE digital aids. Dr. Magee has been exceptional in instructing, adjusting on top notch equipment. It is a pleasure to visit her office and staff. I know I will be taken care of.
— Lloyd Dedrickson

I call my Phonaks my best friend. I feel lost without them! Dr. Magee and Jill always make me feel comfortable and if I have any questions Dr. Magee is very patient and knowledgeable. I never leave her office uninformed. My only regret is I wish I had gone sooner. They are the best!
— Diana Young

I was exceptionally pleased with my visits at Better Hearing and Balance Connection with Dr. Magee and her staff. (They are) very cordial and efficient. Their professionalism is outstanding.
— Robert Ball

Could not ask for a better service. Dr. Gretchen is very professional. Dr. Gretchen will work with you to see that you get the right and proper equipment. She will not try to see you something you do not want or need.
— Marvin Mickelson

Excellent. The best way to describe my hearing aids. No Road Noise, easy to adjust, noise in crowds is not annoying, no more saying "Huh". Excellent adjustments by Dr. Magee.
— James Potts

As a client, I enjoyed that you are so patient with me. I appreciate your knowledge of your product: you are very caring and I would recommend you to anyone.
—- Gordon Goebel

Every tine I ask a question you take good care of me. I have excellent service.
— Richard Holly

Yes we did shop around and decided that Better Hearing and Balance was the One. They were very cordial and patient and took the time to have us understand and fill our needs. Thanks.
— Mervin and Peggy Metz

Dr. Magee put me at ease and made my test very pleasant. I am very pleased that I can hear well again.
— Margie Grills

I highly recommend this awesome hearing clinic. I bought bilateral hearing aids in March, 2010. I found Dr.Gretchen to be very professional and most of all did her very best to help me hear! She recommended a pair of digital hearing aids that fit my budget. There was no pressure to buy just genuine concern for my needs. Seven months later I can say my quality of life has improved. Recently I went in for a recheck. I found out how in the future my hearing aids may be easily updated, Dr. Gretchen is interested in not only helping me now but will be there for me in the future. Better Hearing and Balance gets an A + or 5 star rating from this lady.
— Judy Graves

When I first thought of going to be checked for a hearing aid, I really didn't think I needed them, although my family had gently suggested it might be a good idea to check it out. However, I actual;ly thought aids might help with my tinnitus. But when Dr. Magee put the hearing aids in my ears for the first time, I was shocked at how much more I could hear with them. I was not prepared for how emotional I became, from being able to really hear again for the first time in many years. I really want to thank Dr. Magee for all the help in giving me back my hearing. 
— Mavis Downing

I have had a severe hearing problem for some time. I have been to many professionals and tried various devices. I must say that Dr. Magee and her aids are highly effective. She is very knowledgeable and attentive. The aids are the best I have had! 
— Dr. Lyle Boyles

Dr. Gretchen Magee is an extremely capable hearing specialist and is a joy to work with. I had trepidations about becoming involved with hearing appliances but they have disappeared. 
— Ralph Carter

Very personable and very professional; possesses a warm and caring personality; very knowledgeable in her field of study. Both my wife and I were guided to particular hearing aid units best suited to our specific hearing capabilities. Up to date computerized testing equipment. Excellent follow up care, left us totally satisfied with the outcomes. Avaliable with "open door" anytime we need technical support or batteries! 
— A. John Irvine

As a longtime hearing aid user, I was very opinionated when I needed a new hearing aid. Dr. Magee was patient and professional. I am very satisfied with the purchase and follow-up care. 
— Lou Honderick

I'm glad that I picked Better Hearing and Balance Connection. Dr. Gretchen made sure that I had the perfect hearing aids for my hearing problem and my activities. Customer service is great, if you have a problem you are greeted with a smile and you will have the problem taken care of or solved the same day. I would recommend Better Hearing and Balance to everyone. 
— Richard Meyer

For me, purchasing a hearing aid involved several different areas of concern: (1) accepting the loss of hearing, (2) finding a competent hearing aid specialist, (3) determining which hearing aid to purchase, and (4) finding enough financial resources. Dr. Gretchen Magee was a tremendous assistance in helping me through each of these concerns. She treated me with respect, listened to my inquiries, and helped me choose a satisfactory hearing aid. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone experiencing hearing loss. 
— Robert Box

I have worn hearing aids for over 20 years. Dr. Magee was very good and gave the best devices that I have ever had. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for a "job well done." 
— Jim Carlyle

It was a nice experience working with Dr. Gretchen Magee when it was time to be checked for hearing loss and needed help. I'm enjoying Better Hearing. Dr. Magee is always so helpful on check-ups and in-between times when needing help. She represents Better Hearing and Balance Connection in a positive way. 
— Virginia Goodwin

After much research I chose to get my replacement hearing aid from Better Hearing and Balance Connection. Gretchen spent a lot of time explaining my hearing loss and the various aids. I am very happy with my new hearing aid. Great customer service! They really go the extra mile for their customers. 
— Gail Brashinger

I wear Phonak Hearing aids purchased from Better Hearing and Balance Connection at Towncenter E in Bella Vista. They are so tiny and you can hardly see them yet so comfortable you aren't aware your even wearing them and the best part is you never have to adjust them. Dr. Gretchen Magee is great in helping and explaining. If you need hearing aids this is the perfect place to go for the best. 
— Jessie Bradley

Dr. Gretchen Magee is a honest, hardworking young doctor from UnionTown Ks. I have known her all my life. She is interested in doing the best job she can for you and to give the best service available to you for your hearing problems 
—Raymond George

My name is Rosa Tagacay. I would like to say thank you for my better hearing, for helping me and for my hearing aid. It helps me a lot for my everyday life. 
— Rosa Tagacay

Outstanding customer service in every way; reliability, delivery of promises; follow-up and satisfaction 
— Sally Fayles

I had a very pleasurable experience in dealing with Dr. Magee. She gave me all the information that I could have asked for. Love my hearing aids. I couldn't be happier. 
— Kenneth Cruikshank

Gretchen Magee was so gracious to help me return and go with another hearing aid when my 1st set wasn't working out for me. She got me another pair that worked out very well. I commend her for this. Thanks Gretchen. 
— Virginia Newell

I bought my hearing aid from Dr. Magee because she impressed me with he intelligence, her patience, and her genuine concern and care for others that she showed with seemingly effortless grace. I am very happy with my hearing aid. Dr. Magee chose it after a little testing on my hearing, she quickly came to the right choice for me. 
— Mary Riggs

I was very impressed with Dr. Magee. She tested me thoroughly. She explained to me what she was doing. She helped me select what would work well for me. I am very satisfied with me hearing aids and I wear them. 
— Janet Mott

Dr.Magee and her staff have the latest innovations connect you to the world. They are total professionals. They listen so their clients can hear. 
— Tom Rife

Thank you Better Hearing for your friendly and professional service. I had trouble making my appointment and had to reschedule several times and your office manager was extremely courteous and accommodating. The appointment went smoothly with doctor taking time to explain the procedure before we proceeded. I would highly recommend your services to my friends and family. 
— Mike Wattles

Dr. Gretchen Magee greeted me warmly, tested for my new hearing aids. She discussed all necessary paperwork and planned the next visit after my hearing aids were delivered. Two years later I moved to Richmond, VA. My son- in-law researched the Phonak company, my reason for calling Dr. Magee. My son-in-law has a similar pair and his doctor took me as a patient. I’m pleased with the quality, follow up and response. Dr. Magee continues to correspond with me each month with her newsletter and the maintenance program she used has continued on with my new doctor. 
— Delores Turner

After three bad experiences with hearing aids at other places, we found Better Hearing and couldn’t be happier with Dr. Magees’ hearing solution. 
— Wayne Newman

Better Hearing and Balance Connection has very good service and supplies are very good. I would tell any body about them. 
— Joyce Radder

Dr. Magee provides excellent service to retired federal employees, her association with Tru Hearing and Blue Cross/ Shield, provides excellent hearing aids for $10.00 out of pocket expense. I would recommend Dr. Magee to anyone. 
— Walter Sheldon

After twenty five years of whistling telephone receivers, Dr. Magee of Better Balance Hearing has made the telephone my friend. Her knowledge of Bluetooth Technology has made it possible for me to have a relaxed telephone conversation with friends and family. 
— Thomas Page

After 70 years of not hearing or understanding words and going to several doctors, Dr. Gretchen Magee was the only one who was able to diagnose my problem and fit me with the correct device. Now I am able to hear and understand clearly what people are saying. 
— Michael Patrick

After using Phonak for a year, I hear better than I have heard the last 30 years. I highly recommend Better Hearing for service. Today, I hear sound that I haven’t heard in a long time 
— Harrison Pike

My service from BH and B is friendly and professional. No hard sell but all questions answered. I recommend BH and B to everyone. 
— Robert Wallis

When I researched hearing aids online, and contacted the local retailers to provide at the online prices, Dr. Magee was the only one who agreed at my price- and has provided superior service since. 
— Loren Wagner

I have worn several hearing aids – but this pair of Phonak behind- the-ear aids are by far the best ever. But what really makes it special, is not the superb electronics. But the outstanding personal care and attention given by Dr. Gretchen Magee. She makes the experience. 
— Dr. Philip Opperman

At the suggestion of my daughter I made an appointment to have my hearing tested. Under no pressure from Dr. Magee I decided I would try aids since my hearing was declining. How pleased I am to hear all the conversations! I encourage others to try aids. They might be as pleased as I am. 
— Mary Turner

My hearing is much improved thanks to Dr. Magee! She took time to actually figure out my hearing problem and fit me with Phonaks that benefited hearing felt comfortable to wear. Also explained hearing loss to my husband so he better under stood my problem. 
— Sharon Rainey

What a difference. I have had a hearing deficit for over 30 years and have tried wearing aids to correct the problem. At best the product was annoying and I spent a lot of energy attempting to guess the content of the conversation around me. Then I went to Better Hearing to try something new. It has been about a year and what a refreshing joy to be able to hear again. The adjustment period was brief and my wife experienced the most relief. No more repeating every sentence in order for me to understand what she said. And the service from Better Hearing is much more than I expected. 
— Grant Rowell

In the three years my husband and I have been patients of the Better Hearing and Balance Connection, we’ve received prompt, professional, and friendly service. During each visit Dr. Magee explained procedures and results, listened to our concerns, and answered our questions. We are happy to continue to use this office for our hearing needs. 
— Vicki Schroeder

I met Gretchen through her grandmother 14 yrs ago but hadn’t seen her until she moved to Bentonville. Gretchen is an friendly, enthusiastic and energized person who makes her patients happy to come to for help with their hearing aids. I had already had my hearing aids when Gretchen opened her office but I have been a patient needing adjustments and hearing aid batteries. I would recommend her any time 
— Ruth Oberhelman

Dr. Magee has always cheerfully adjusted hearing instruments until they are perfect for you. She also donates her valuable time for community hearing screenings as well as equipment check ups, cleaning, and repairs as needed. I highly recommend her services!! 
— Norma Staley

I am very appreciative and very satisfied with the hearing aids and service I received from you. It has helped me in my work and all around. Thank you 
— John Ramey

I tried three other hearing stores-none compare to the professionalism of Better Hearing and Balance. Dr. Magee truly cares about her clients and assisting them with their hearing needs. 
— Charles Snider

When Dr. Magee showed me and tested my hearing, I needed hearing aid. When the one fitted for didn’t work she helped she got some that did work. No extra cost to me. Thanks so much Dr. Gretchen. 
— Virginia Newell

A caring person, listens to your problems and will try to “fix” it, never to busy to “lend her ear” to remedy “your ears.” 
— Paulsen Carmeletta

I have been very satisfied with the service that Gretchen has given me. She was always willing to check and figure out my problems. 
— Jean Reed
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