Our Professionals

Our Professionals at Better Hearing & Balance Connection

Dr. Gretchen A. Magee, AuD, CCC-A 
Audiologist / Owner
Au.D., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center 
B.S., Speech Language Pathology, University of Central Oklahoma
Dr. Magee serves as the audiology provider and owner of Better Hearing and Balance Connection. She is currently certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. As a professional, Dr. Magee provides a variety of experience and expertise from previous audiology positions before choosing to open her own private practice. She has previously worked in conjunction with otolaryngology services to provide hearing diagnostics, amplification, and rehabilitation along with balance testing and remediation. Her experiences also include previous work with intraoperative monitoring and electrophysiology.

"Dr. Magee has a passion for helping persons of all ages to communicate more effectively. She is committed to providing high quality hearing solutions for everyone with matched customer service."
- Dr. Gretchen A. Magee, Au.D., Owner, Better Hearing & Balance Connection

Dr. Magee grew up in the four-state area and has a great desire to give back to families in Northwest Arkansas. She is also available as a guest speaker for local organizations and provides educational lectures on hearing loss and hearing aid technologies.

Dr. Magee and her husband are residents of Bentonville, Arkansas. They have two sons named Keagan and Layton who keep them active at home.

Dr. Shawn Key, AuD CCC-A 
Dr. Shawn Key, Au.D. joined Better Hearing and Balance Connection in September, 2014. He is originally from Lubbock, TX, where he graduated with his clinical doctorate in audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). 
Dr. Key spent the last 10 years practicing in West Texas. Dr. Key began his educational journey majoring in Theater Arts. Soon, he began to consider a career in the helping professions, so he began taking psychology courses, before learning of the career path for speech-language pathology. His cousin, who was 18 years younger than himself, was not yet talking at 2 years of age, which had prompted him to look into speech therapy. The process to become a speech-language pathologist was to first graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communication disorders before obtaining a master’s degree. Therefore, he immediately applied for the School of Allied Health; however, it was another year before he was accepted into the communication disorders program. Dr. Key remembers in his first class, they were instructed, “Before you spend six (6) months trying to teach a child to say, ‘th,’ make sure they can hear it.” He convinced his aunt and uncle to have his cousin’s hearing tested. She was diagnosed at the age of 3 with a profound hearing loss, which prompted Dr. Key to enter into the field of audiology.
It was during the initial fitting of his cousin’s first set of hearing aids that Dr. Key fell in love with audiology. One of the graduate audiology students from TTUHSC was an intern at the clinic where his cousin received her hearing aids. She introduced Dr. Key to his cousin’s audiologist as a student in the communication disorders program, which prompted the audiologist to begin sharing with him about the testing equipment while his cousin sat in the sound booth. He remembers the audiologist saying, “I have just fit your cousin with hearing aids. I will press this button, and I want you to speak into the microphone. Your voice will come out of the speakers in the booth, and we will see if her hearing aids are working.” Dr. Key spoke into the microphone, “Fynlan, can you hear me?” Immediately, his cousin’s face lit up, and she exclaimed, “Shawn, I heared (sic) you!” He immediately knew that he had found his calling – the profession that he would forever love, so after completion of his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Communication Disorders, he completed an additional four (4) year Doctorate degree in Audiology (Au.D.).
In addition to practicing as an audiologist, Rev. Dr. Shawn Key is also a licensed minister. He received his license to minister in 2013, after having been active in church ministry for six (6) years. He founded Faith, Hope, & Love Fellowship – an affirming, apostolic ministry – in his home, in September, 2014. In addition to his work as a pastor of a home mission church in NWA, Rev. Dr. Shawn Key is also the education coordinator for Reconciling Pentecostals International, which is a fellowship of affirming, apostolic ministers and ministries in the United States and abroad.

“It is not enough to buy hearing aids. You are also selecting your hearing provider, and it really helps to build a relationship of trust with that professional.”
- Dr. Shawn Key, Au.D., Better Hearing & Balance Connection

Dr. Key has a passion for what he does. He said, “If I can help someone to hear their grandchildren say, ‘I love you,’ or help someone hear birds for the first time in years, I want to be part of that story!” He admits there are many challenges that come along with his job, including length of untreated hearing loss and motivational factors. Dr. Key invites you to call to schedule a visit with him today at Better Hearing and Balance Connection (479) 802-4469. We listen, so you can hear! We are located at 407 Town Center East, Bella Vista, AR 72714.
Dr. Shawn Key, AuD CCC-A 
Dr. Shawn Key, Au.D. joined Better Hearing and Balance Connection in September, 2014. He is originally from Lubbock, TX, where he graduated with his clinical doctorate in audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). 
Caitlin Wisely, Patient Care Coordinator 
Caitlin has been working at Better Hearing and Balance Connection for over a year and a half. With a Bachelor's in Health Science, Caitlin is the Patient Care Coordinator for both Bentonville and Bella Vista offices. 
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