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Better Hearing & Balance Connection Services

Complete Audiometric Evaluations: Adults & Children
Our examinations include the use of state-of-the art equipment combined with an experienced professional to evaluate all parts of your hearing. 
Hearing Aid Sales & Service
We offer a wide selection of hearing aids with all types of digital processing and cosmetic styling. Our goal is to help you find the right solution to your hearing healthcare needs while matching your personal budget. 
Hearing Aid Checks and All-Make Repair
If we can't fix your hearing aid, then we will try our best to have your hearing aid repaired as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost and handle all of the details. 
Better Hearing Care Packages for Hearing Aids
Services included in the cost of your instruments are: 
  • Quarterly cleanings and adjustments
  • Yearly hearing aid evaluations
  • First year loss and damage insurance
  • First year warranty (2 years on some models)
  • Repair and loss & damage replacement renewal options available
  • Batteries provided for the life of the hearing aids
Noise Protection Earmolds & Swim Plugs
We can help to select the appropriate device and make any needed ear impressions. Our office can also help you with personalized swim plugs made for a more secure fit. 
Assistive Listening Devices
We offer guidance on the purchase of assistive devices such as amplified telephones, FM transmitters, and personal listening systems. 
Real Ear Measurement
A small tube attached to a microphone is inserted into the ear along with the hearing aid, and the output of the aid, as modified by the ear canal can be measured to assure adequate amplification when setting or programming the aid. 
ABR/OAE Testing
These electrophysiologic testing methods require the use of clicking auditory stimulus to measure either auditory brainwave responses or cochlear responses. Our professionals will interpret the results as displayed on the appropriate computer screen. 
Videonystagmography (VNG)
We use VNG testing to evaluate inner ear and central motor functions. The testing measures the movement of the eyes directly through infrared cameras. The testing is non-invasive and appointments last approximately 1.5 hours for a complete audiologic session. 
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